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How to put the Guidance document into practice?

How to put the Guidance document into practice? 13 September 2022


On the 13th of September a workshop was held in a hybrid format - both on-site in Malaga, Spain, and on the ZOOM platform. Altogether 16 participants registered for the event, of which 13 participants took part on-site and 3 on-line.

The workshop was organized to present the contents of the Guidelines on implementing the European Green Deal at enterprise level and to discuss the implementation of the Guidelines.

The workshop was moderated by Małgorzata Koziarek, an expert of the Insitute of Public Affairs, a project partner, and co-moderated by Mirosław Grzybek, representing the project leader. Małgorzata Koziarek of IPA presented the contents of the Guidelines. Aleksandra Idzikowska of OKAP presented the workplan concerning the EGD advisory network.

The key points raised during the discussion on the Guidance document:

  • Main focus of the document – the document should focus on green transition, and leave aside industrial revolution 4.0 to keep coherence. There is also a big issue of data safety and use.
  • EGD-related measures to be implemented by enterprises

The document should take into account a wider and updated political context and the current setback in (or temporal withdrawal from) decarbonization efforts observed in government policies and action, resulting from the need to address the energy supply shortage brought about by the developments related to the war in Ukraine. Enterprises cannot be expected to be ahead of the government in EGD implementation.

  • Tools and measures to mitigate negative social effects on labour.

The experience shows that training has limited effect in addressing the problem – the only solution is job creation

  • Commitments by companies to just transition and to respect worker rights need to be made in writing
  • Social dialogue and Collective agreements are very important


  • It would be worthwhile to map the inconsistencies and other problems related to EGD and communicate those to European decision-makers – in a document separate from the Guidance document which targets employers and employees,
  • The Guidance document will be adjusted to address the points made during the discussion.


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